Everything Sounds Great In Latin

Just to start somewhere, for start I must.

In a world where only Google understands you half-sentence, where phones grow slimmer and smarter every day, but people don’t, the presence of your name, face, opinion and shopping list in the social media is a must. The absence of such presence is deemed odd, if not altogether suspicious and, who knows, might become a criminal offense someday.   It’s like being dead before you’ve ever lived, fixed with name, face, opinion and shopping list.

Speaking of death…The header image of this blog is a fragment of a painting by William Harnett Memento Mori, “To This Favour”, 1879, exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art. MementoMoriThis is a picture of me snapped at the  very moment I quit staring in the eye of eternity (or, rather, its opposite) and stare at you instead, smiling, pretending that the skull isn’t mine.

Considering the likely tone of this blog – partial, half-serious and highly imbalanced – this still life of death looks like an unlikely choice. Perhaps, it is. A much more fitting skull-bearing image would be this other picture,

monkeybut someone I know has already made it into his own hilariously fitting avatar – Mai Too Sense.

In an eternally live dead language, Latin, Contra Spem Spero  means Hope Against Hope. Most of us must’ve experienced it at least once. Even if you aren’t a naturally optimistic person and take no mood enhancing medications, you must’ve had a moment of hope against hope that there is still the light at the end of this ridiculously short tunnel called your life, and you are capable of laughing almost every day, however briefly, and make others laugh at your jokes, however halfheartedly, or at you, but uproariously.

Speaking of laughs… Without any long preamble about the origins, peculiarity and hilarity of many Russian jokes and anecdotes, I translated a few fairly recent ones I either heard or read on some popular Russian sites, and either laughed or smiled. There are plenty more where these came from, so check my Smile Page any time you need an emergency shot of cheap giggles or a skeptical sneer Huh? And you call this funny?

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