Who Would’ve Thought…?

I’m happy to report that I’ve got a few rather interesting responses to my recently announced plunge into the blogosphere. Some curious, some serious, some funny, others not so much… Everything from  Very well then, we’ll take a look at your blog, and buy your book  to  I’ll follow you and share a hardship of your burden, for you suffer for the cause of humanity.

One friend, having my best interest in mind, no doubt, suggested me to go back to Cleveland and have a better picture taken next to the Harnett’s painting, since (and I strongly disagree) the skull looks supremely more intelligent than me, dental work notwithstanding.

I’m afraid, by the time I’ll manage my next trip to Cleveland, one of several things might happen, and at least one is going to happen for sure.

  • The blog would cease to exist, its remnants banished to the internet landfill.
  •  This author would cease to exist (always Memento Mori!) at least in a form of a not-too-intelligent-looking-next-to-the-Harnett’s-skull person, capable of blogging.
  • Everything, or anything, or at least something would either cease to exist, or change, or go to hell altogether.

However, the most interesting, intriguing and, well, perhaps controversial response was this (selected text is verbatim, with explicit permission of the author):

Social media is not a must and I categorically reject that we must satisfy someone else’s expectations of us by being in their sight. We must first be true to ourselves and if others get us, then great, otherwise they can eff off. And it was Twain who observed that he’d been dead for millions of years before being born and he never particularly minded that state of affairs.

Loved it. LOVED IT. And not only because of Twain’s excellent quote.

Who might’ve thought that even now the question to be or not to be in a place where almost everyone already IS, could be this fresh… And all I wanted was to be original… like everybody else.

There is more to this, and I’ll return to the subject soon.

Look for some new stuff on my Smile page. We barely avoided The End of the World  and the New Year is upon us.



2 comments on “Who Would’ve Thought…?

  1. Valentina, you are always fresh! You naughty girl! And an original. Just the other day I was thinking of you and commented that “I’m glad I have a friend who is Russian.” The world is much bigger because of you. Happy New Year.
    AKA Jude

  2. I love it when people write for the purpose of entertainment and, more importantly, communication. Social media gets a bad rap because people share information like “I’m in a bad mood”, or “I’m at Taco Bell right now.” Your blog is going to be fun to read, as is all your writing. I could use a few more endorphins in my system, so thank you.

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