Gérard Depardieu? Surely You Are Joking…

Gérard Depardieu  dressed in Russian embroidered shirt is showing off his Russian passport

Gérard Depardieu, dressed in Russian embroidered shirt, is showing off his Russian passport

Funny thing are happening in the world. Take this one for instance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Gérard Depardieu his newly minted Russian passport as the French actor continues his bid to become a tax exile from President Francois Hollande’s tax on the super-rich. Vladimir Putin personally met the actor and handed him his Russian passport. Bienvenue en Russie, Monsieur Depardieu!

 Russians laughed out loud. They thought it was a joke. It wasn’t.

 Three days later, his Russian passport in hand, the French film star arrived to Montenegro where he met with the Prime Minister of this Balkan State, Milo Djukanovic. At the press conference, reporters asked whether Depardieu is planning to get the Montenegrin citizenship as well. Gérard Depardieu said he feels lucky to have become a proud holder the Russian passport, and it’ll be truly magnifique to get a Montenegrin one on top of it. The more – the merrier. He also assured everyone he’ll remain French citizen in spite of all the luck Fortune showered him with.

Perhaps not to be outdone by the Russians, Prime Minister offered Monsieur Depardieu to become a representative of the Montenegrin culture in the world, no less.

Montenegrins laughed out loud. They thought it was a joke. It wasn’t.

Depardieu was also asked about the preliminary hearing of his case in Paris, concerning his driving a scooter while intoxicated. The actor assured that his absence from the hearing (or from France, for that matter) shouldn’t be interpreted as an attempt to escape justice. The trip to the Balkans, you see, has long been in his chart. Regarding the accident, Monsieur Depardieu explained that he just fell off the scooter, something that can happen to anyone. And as for the high alcohol content in his blood –well, his salad dressing had too much vinegar in it.

French laughed out loud. They knew it wasn’t a joke.  Gérard, however, was.

So many people hope  Gérard Depardieu never sobers up to start collecting fees for all the abundant entertainment he provides them with for free.



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