Holmes. Sherlock Holmes? Da!

holms1Russian readers are familiar with Sherlock Holmes for almost exactly 120 years. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Speckled Band  appeared in translation in one of Russian literary magazines on December 12, 1893.

Since then, through revolutions, wars, plagues, East-West standoff and whatnot, the popularity of the Baker Street’s doping, violin-playing sleuth never diminished. Russians made Sherlock their own… making him the subject of many  good-humored jokes, anecdotes and cartoons.

This “Saturday collage” was designed for the Smile page but grew too big, thus I decided to post it here. I can see, as you do, that some of my translations are rather sloppy, but it’s too much bother to edit them now, since — to make them look prettier — I  converted the text  into the images. But then again, the jokes and cartoons came from Russian sources, so let’s allow Sherlock’s Queen’s English sound with a bit of foreign accent, just this once. 






One comment on “Holmes. Sherlock Holmes? Da!

  1. Valentina, This is something I’ve never weondered about and, since Holmes is one of my favorite people, I find it fascinating. The jokes are a hoot! Thanks! Jude

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