Women And Machines: How Everything Works

I was always enthralled with all things mechanical and mighty fascinated with people who invented them. Painstakingly, I compiled several animated .gif images for this post. These animations came from the same Russian web site – someone else already scrupulously assembled these images on one page for other people’s viewing pleasure.

Granted, I could’ve simply provided a link to the webpage where these came from. There wasn’t much in term of text that needed translation. Why did I bother? Well, in the spirit of full confession, I’ll admit that the site that so conveniently houses these images has plenty of other stuff I wouldn’t want to either view, recommend or associate with my blog.  So there.

I updated this page days after it was first posted, assembling the pictures into a slide show. When every image in the post is set in motion —  spinning, firing, zooming in and out or up and down — one might feel like setting oneself in motion as well,  getting up, spinning around and zooming out and away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, of course, the iconic image of the mechanics of Woman’s Brains, one of the most notable inventions of Mother Nature.

Woman is apparatus like no other — a natural calculator of sorts: she can quickly add problems, subtract time, multiply troubles and divide property. She can Clear All and start over

Woman’s intuition is a natural phenomenon, but the crown achievement of Divine Wisdom is woman’s logic. Men need women because… well, because not everything could be blamed on a government.

Here it is, a plain and easy to understand animation of this marvel: Woman’s Mind in all its adorable simplicity.  Voilà!

Woman's Brain


2 comments on “Women And Machines: How Everything Works

  1. Yes, mechanical devices could have multiple uses: a specific task or design (all cases, but the last), or conceptual explanation of a complex system (woman’s mind)

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