Dangerous And Unpredictable! YOU Are WANTED!

Imagine this for a moment  or, rather, for 3 minutes and 4 seconds:

Airport. Lounge at the gate. It’s a rather crowded place. You are waiting for the boarding to start. An inconspicuously looking man takes a seat in the chair directly across from you. He unfolds a newspaper.

Whaaah? YOUR picture is splattered over the page, facing you. Really large lettering: SUSPECT ON THE RUN!

Your heart skips a bit. Or two. You cannot breathe…

An announcement booms over the loudspeakers… VERY LOUD speakers! Your description… to the last detail of your clothing. Wanted! YOU are WANTED!

Everyone could see that it’s YOU who is WANTED. People are whispering… They are watching YOU! Everyone is looking at YOU!

Things get a lot worse before they get better.

TV screen overhead lights up. BREAKING NEWS!  

Enraptured, disbelieving, you are watching the screen… Your picture… WANTED!

Oh, my god! Or, rather, WTF!

…Considered dangerous and unpredictable…

All right. I’m sure everyone would now rush to purchase NIVEA Stress Protect Deo. After all, NIVEA went into all this trouble to launch it. Must be good. Need more proof it works?

To see how it was done, and what happened behind the scenes, watch the making of video  NIVEA Deo: Stresstest.

It looks like no one got heart attack or even fainted. Tough people those Germans are.

Can you imagine this happening to you? Test your stress! Or let NIVEA do it for you — or to you.


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