Bare Your ASS To See Nuda ARS!

Poster of the exhibit before cover up

Poster of the exhibit before cover up

ARS, in Latin, is ART, not ASS. Fortunately for this Latin-hued blog, it rhymes rather naughtily.

Vienna the scandaleux! Perhaps, in the spirit of the revival of fin de siècle, Vienna art word shocked the prudes everywhere. Yes indeed, to see the Naked Men some were allowed to get naked – the museum decided to get an expert opinion on the merits of the exhibition and, while at it, on the qualities of the exhibited objets d’art.

The Leopold Museum in Vienna opened its doors to a group of nude men for a preview of a new exhibition. The group was the first members of the public to see the gallery’s Nackte Männer or Naked Men art show.  

Nackte Männer for naked man! Naked men privates get private viewing. A feast to the witty – naked ass is often the butt of badass jokes. Well, enough of that. When viewing the clip on Youtube, try not to let you eyes wander to the comments and let you sensibilities be offended with stupid old fucks or Appalling… Getting naked and aroused constantly is step backwards in evolution etc. Better not be influenced by other people’s opinions…

Capture 4Lots of controversy swirled around the posters of the Nackte Männer, depicting three fabulous specimens of racially diverse men in all the glory of their nakedness, and their love for…soccer. The posters were eventually made to look modest. I’d say, modestly revolutionary – with the red stripes draped (or, rather, painted) across their loins.   


2 comments on “Bare Your ASS To See Nuda ARS!

  1. If there is something else to it than “nudist” publicity stunt, I wander what that could be? To follow their logic, when you come to appreciate a still-life exhibition, the best way to do it is to put on feathers, sausages, cabbage leaves and spread mustard on one’s head.

  2. I think it was a publicity stunt that even made its way over here to the U.S. It’s not necessary to have the patrons disrobe. Can’t blame them for wanting to see male nudes – I fell in love with the Barberini faun when I was a college girl.

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