Afterlife in Cyberia

Google, which became a feature of everyday’s night and day life for many, makes you think of death. Or is it Death? Death or death, it’s your own impending demise that Google wants you to consider… while it’s still time, awakening your senses to what is, like, really-really-really important. (Yeah, I wanted to sound young, like, I’m really-really-really not there yet.)

Google wants you to personalize your death to fit your needs.  Just like Funeral homes and mortuaries. To be buried in the internet – choose your eternal coffin and the terms and condition of your internment.

Do it soon, or else your digitized social media bones will be rattling in the cyberspace forever, haunting and confusing the living. Google doesn’t really want you to have an afterlife even in Cyberia. The Cloud is becoming crowded… 


Reported on April 11, 2013 by BBC News


Soooo… When something looking roughly like this suddenly invades your private space and grins its aw-shucks grin, passes a hand over its face and says, “Hi there!” what are you going to do? Tough, considering that the only weapon to deter the intruder would be your own ghastly appearance and, perhaps, your morning breath.  You might even regret your lifelong opposition to gun ownership. Thanks god, your Google affairs are settled.

Aw, shucks!  You never chirped your last chirp, so that from the beak of the little blue bird the whole world would learn who came to say Hi! to you this fine afternoon. You remember typing it, but it won’t go through… For some reason, you couldn’t figure out how to fit a long, flowery Russian curse into 140 characters, even though a proverbial four letter word is only three letter long in Russian. The first letter looks like X, the second – like Y, but those derivatives… Ah, well…

Note to Self: When the inevitability of Death manifests itself beyond reasonable doubt, change the blog’s header image to something more cheerful if less eternal than Memento Mori skull. Not that it’s YOUR skull, but still… Flower would do – I like them wild flowers. Not that I resemble any right this moment.

Thanks for the reminder, Google! Memento Mori!


One comment on “Afterlife in Cyberia

  1. That Google “burial thing” raises many serious questions. Does a “cyber-personality” constitutes a part of one’s corporal body or his/her soul?
    If so (to my knowledge?) destroying immortal souls is a capital sin (beyond redemption).
    As for afterlife preservation, it’s not the only choice. Some prefer their ashes scattered over a chosen “medium”, so I wonder what a Google version would be – to scatter one’s data bits over multiple servers(?)

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