Very Short Stories. Very Sad Mostly. Pretty Pictures. Sad Mostly

I found some of these stories in Russian translation being posted, re-posted and raved about.  One Russian site featured a competition for the best translation of Jane Orvis’ The Window from English. After some research, I found out that the stories (some of them, most of them or all of them) came from  The World’s Shortest Stories, edited by Steve Moss. Most stories claim to have no more than 55 words each. The book was published years ago and might be familiar to many.

The World's Shorts

Then — either shortly beforehand or thereafter — I came across some interesting artwork of the Ukrainian artist Aleksandr Antonjuk (Russian: Aлександр Антонюк). He calls himself artist-philosopher. Perhaps, he is.

Could be because of the prevailing melancholy mood, in some strange way, which is neither topical or illustrative, some of the paintings and some of the stories seemed to connect and correlate… Perhaps, it’s just me.

Bad Luck

by Alan E. Mayer

I awoke to searing pain all over my body. I opened my eyes and saw a nurse standing by my bed.
“Mr. Fujima,” she said. “You were lucky to have survived the bombing of Hiroshima two days ago. But you’re safe now here in this hospital.”
Weakly, I asked, “Where am I?”
“Nagasaki,” she said.

Aleksandr Antonjuk

G r a t i t u d e

by Andrew E. Hunt

The streetlights were a warm welcome from the oncoming chill of darkness.
The park bench’s curvature felt familiar under his old spine.
The wool blanket from the Salvation Army was comfortable around his shoulders and the pair of shoes he’d found in the dumpster today fit perfectly.

God, he thought, isn’t life grand.

One Rainy Night



What Does The Devil  

by Brian Newell

Two boys stood and watched as Satan slowly goes away. Brilliance of his hypnotic eyes still nebula their heads.
“Look what he wanted from you?”
“My soul. And from you?”
“Coins for a pay phone. He urgently needed to call.”
“Want go get something to eat?”
“I want to, but now I have no money.”
“Okay. I have a lot.”

Alexandr Antonjuk

Bedtime story

А. Антонюк

I Want To Report
А. Антонюк

And, finally, The Window.

The Window
Here is a video adaptation of The Window. It is very short and very sad. I watched it. It didn’t improve my melancholy mood, to be sure.


3 comments on “Very Short Stories. Very Sad Mostly. Pretty Pictures. Sad Mostly

  1. Very famous is this one. I goes a bit like this (free adaptation from memory): He was the last living man on earth. Several years ago to the last other human on the planet had died. The age of human kind was over. Earth was almost dead and barren too. No animals left either. He sat in a room of a small broken cabin. The loneliness was almost unbearable. The silence deafening. From the back window nothing but blight in sight. Then there was knocking at the door.

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