Saturday Oddities


A devout representative of the Czech Republic’s Pastafarians and her Noodly Flock,  Lukas Novy, has legally won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer while being photographed for his official government ID card photo, citing “sincerely held” religious beliefs.

Look at his young, open, honest face, peering at you from under his religious headdress! He is an inspiration for Pastafarians everywhere, the followers of the world’s largest and most prominent non-religion, worshiping a deity that is truly edible and Full of Complex Carbohydrates.

Lucas Novy
Good for Lukas. Not so good for the Czech’s government, though. The news of Mr. Novy’s headgear debacle that ended in his legal triumph was reported on August 2nd, Five days later, on August 7th, Czech parliament declared a vote of no confidence to the government. Whether these two events are connected, Flying Spaghetti Monster only knows. Flying Spaghetti Monster — if you didn’t know then you should! — is an invisible Noodly Monster who boiled for your sins.

It is presumed that tonight, hundreds of thousands of self-listed Jedis around the world will help celebrate Novy’s small win in the battle for freedom of expression for all religions, hoping perhaps that soon the time will come when their own saber-wielding ways will be enshrined in legislation.  (“Pastafarian” wins right to wear strainer on government ID)


1a - Copy

Wow! Another nice hat. Not as thoroughly ventilated as a spaghetti strainer but quite fetching nonetheless.

BicycleRules for Bicycle-Riding Ladies

Pleasant weekend to all!


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