Dance, Corn’s Children, Dance

Ru-net (Russian internet sites) are raving over the originality of this 4 minute dance piece. The dance ensemble  Jack’s Garret was established in 2007 — a single-handed effort of a  young choreographer and dance teacher Anna Deltzova. It also has a studio for youngsters called Corn’s Children. My understanding is that in this little dance number participate  members of both groups, and to a dazzling effect.

The name of the dance it Petite Fille (Little Girl or, perhaps, Granddaughter). Everyone, however, calls it Corn’s Children, perhaps with allusion to Steven King’s Children of the Corn.

Brilliant, indeed.  I watched it for the first time over a month ago. Today the clip was re-posted by one of my faithfully followed blogger, writer  Boris Akunin, on his site, where he explicitly asked to publicize it,

Because there isn’t that much great talent in the world, and when it suddenly appears, it needs to be noticed and supported… 




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