Everything Is Within

Universe Within 8From April through September of this year,  Vetoshny Gallery in Moskow,  (Ветошный) exhibits real corpses of really dead people — dissected and in one piece, skinned but with muscles and bones intact. All the essential bodily fluids are replaced with silicone, thus the “artifacts” retain fairly “fresh” appearance, keeping their shape and do not rot or go bad in any discernible way.

While observing the exhibited cadavers, viewers might get a refresher in anatomy. Forgot where the kidneys are located and how they look? Want to get close to human heart? See the works of muscles and the nervous system? Understand how the epidural anesthesia manages to put you under? People in white robes are there to explain thing to you.  Medical students most of them, they’ll surely be helpful if any of the visitors suddenly succumb to a fainting spell. However, none were reported thus far. Thus far, the Muscovites, as well as the numerous visitors of the Russian capital, collectively proved to be in possession of sturdy nervous system.

For all of its shocking value,  The Secrets Of The Body is educational mostly, and deemed to be a serious and useful visual aid for the inquisitive minds of the non-faint-hearted.  Universe Within 2
More from the exhibit:

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5 comments on “Everything Is Within

  1. Graphic visualization was always an important part in the study of human body (its ins and outs). Here it was used for artistic purposes, nothing wrong with it.

  2. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. Quite to the contrary — I’d have gone to see it, should I’ve happened to be in Moscow.The presence of the numerous med students on the premises is quite reassuring — God knows, I might’ve become their first patient, if not another body to be exhibited next to the ones on display.
    The exhibit shocked some people and fascinated others. Good for those shocked that Damien Hirst hadn’t brought his pickled cows or rotted cattle heads to Moscow… yet.

  3. I attended a similar exhibit in Denver. The people in the crowd who seemed to enjoy it the most were the medical people. I felt a little uncomfortable with the entire thing, particularly the pregnant woman with a fetus. Just not my thing.

    • This one is somewhat different by the fact that the “objects” are not encased in anything, but opened to the elements and, I think, even to touch(!) The objects in the other (Denver’s) exhibit were body parts embedded in some kind of solid Plexiglas — real but, sort of, “removed”, and not “moist” with synthetic fluids.

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