Newsy Mishmash Of The Week

Some news, sometimes, make you feel funny.  Take this one, for instance: Citizen Brick, company that, among other things, manufactures Lego-compatible play sets, came up with a novelty 500-bloc “Superlab Playset”, which looks like this:Superlab Playset 1
Superlab Playset 2
Innocents like me would think nothing of it.  Less innocent would recognize it for what it is. Yep. It’s a Meth Lab. Like in methamphetamine. Chemicals are not included, but protective masks, drug paraphernalia, figurines and a version of the yellow RV  from the TV show Breaking Bad are all there. The entire scenes from the popular prime time drama can be reenacted —  Walter White and drug boss Gustavo Fring figurines are all there. (The show, in its fifth and final season, follows chemistry teacher Walter White on his journey to raise money — by cooking meth! — for his family’s future when he is diagnosed with lung cancer.)

Who knows what fun you’ll cook up with this deluxe set, chock full of realistic details, and three exclusive minifigs! Over 500 parts!  gushes the advertisement for the set. 

Indeed, what fun. At approximately $200 per set, Superlab Playset has become an instant hit, reportedly sold out online.

Another newsworthy item comes from Texas. A Texas signage company, specializing in realistic looking tailgate decals, is advertising just how realistic those decals can be. Very realistic, actually.TrckAffix this decal on the back of your truck and see how long it’ll take your local police to stop you for capturing, bounding and gagging a woman.  “It was more or less something we put out there to see who noticed it,” Brad Kolb, the owner of the company, told the local news station. Many people in the area became upset after seeing a vehicle adorned in this manner. Whether or not police was alarmed is not known.

And lastly, some newsy tidbit from PETA.

The animal rights group claims consuming poultry while pregnant may lead to birth defects such as shorter penises.

buffalo wingsThe other day, PETA  issued an open letter to organizers of the National Buffalo Wing Festival urging them to “keep pregnant women out for the sake of their sons’ sex organs.”

 From the letter: The latest scientific evidence shows that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller penises because of a chemical found in the birds’ flesh.

“Chickens may be little animals, but they suffer in a big way before their wings are hacked off for a stupid contest,” says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt.

The chemical PETA warns expectant mothers to stay away from is phthalate. High levels of it is shown to hinder development of reproductive organs in male fetuses. However, poultry does not contain levels of the chemical that should be particularly alarming. Phthalates are found in personal care products as well as many other foods beside “birds’ flesh”. According to professor Shanna H. Swan, of the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who conducted the research PETA cites, “Any link between eating buffalo wings—even by pregnant women—and the size of their son’s genitals is very tenuous.”  So there.


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    • Take it way? If the rules of marketing apply – and they seem to apply everywhere these days – then the company would most likely try to capitalize on this success and build a “better” , larger, more detailed set in addition to mass-producing the existing one.

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