Singing In The Rain


If you’d happen to be in Boulder, Colorado, today, this is pretty much what you’d see looking out of your window, and so it has been for the past three days. Some views might not be quite as photogenic, though. Force majeure rarely makes pretty pictures.  It seems, Mother Nature grabbed Heaven by the crumpets, squeezed really hard and wouldn’t let go. Another day, and Boulderites turn into swamp creatures. And no one is singing in the rain. Perhaps, the steady noise of the falling water drowns the voices… Generally, we do like rain and ask for it. Next time we ask, we should specify the desired quantity. Too much of it  in too short time makes us sad people, and for a darn good reason. There is an ominous feeling — readily supported by the National Weather Service — that we haven’t seen the last of that dastardly weather.

Your tendency to see the worst in every situation will rob you of any pleasure you might have otherwise derived from next Thursday’s biological-disease outbreak. (From The Onion. Warning: Dark humor. Would’ve sounded funnier in the sunshine.)

This is my 100th post. Since December of last year, the number of posts on this page exceeded statistical life expectancy, the average summer high temperatures in Colorado and a good number of other marks, but still — or so I hope — remains lower than my IQ. But not for long, if I won’t get washed away into the Atlantic with the rainwater, and keep on blogging.

Contra Spem Spero…Et Ridere is largely a whim based blog, eclectic at best. It does not cater to anyone’s tastes but my own, and it is not devoted to any particular subject matter. As long as have something amusing to share, I write. The category cloud of this blog come up to 153 categories, which is insane, I know, and mostly due to my initial lack of understanding of what “category” means, and how it is different from “tag”, of which I have a whopping 210 before this post. It is nice if people visit and find my posts even mildly interesting or entertaining. But being consistently interesting or entertaining isn’t easy. Keep this in mind if through some improbable turn, you ever become one. If you are already — then keep up pace, and good luck to you.

It just occurred to me how many “positively charged” words in English begin with letter E. Entertaining, excellent, energetic, exhilarating... Even eccentric and eclectic qualify, whereas F words are often negative: fickle, feeble, fraud, failure, not even mentioning the “real” f-words. Fabulously fascinating phenomenon, isn’t it? Or maybe not — just a frivolous thought… It’s still raining in the Foothills, you know. General gloom discourages bright ideas from visiting, and this is a sad fact of gloomy people’s life.

Painting by Valentin Gubarev

Painting by Valentin Gubarev

This is a postcard to myself — to lift up a depressive mood. Just look at those cheerful faces! Remember: Depression must be met with a smile. Depression will think you are an idiot and run away. 

Rain or shine — smile!


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