Sad, Funny Or Really Funny?


When picture tells the story, narrative is unnecessary.  However, for  those who need the picture below explained further, read Guinness World Records reject lad’s bid for ‘most salmon lobbed at a road sign by a Jamie’, an article from which you can learn nothing in addition to what you can get from the image below. The snapshot of triumphant  Jamie looks to me like someone’s first exercise in photo-shopping. Judge for yourself.   Sad, funny, very funny or fake?

1a - CopyThese are Punishment Rules that governed British schools in 1872. Each line is a description of the punishable transgression and the number of lashes proscribed for each offence per pupil’s hind. Ouch!
Below is the original document:
1872 And these are the Rules for School Teachers circa 1915. Fortunately, the picture is clear enough to discern every word, thus I spared myself trouble of transcribing it. Some (all?) rules are applicable to women-teachers: You may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or brother, for example. Since times immemorial, courageous souls devoted themselves to the noble task of educating children. In 1915, too, children went to schools with a teacher in every classroom. They taught their pupils and lived by these rules.   Funny, sad or really sad?
Blast From The Past. Rules for the techers. Vrginia. USA. 1915


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