Suppliments For Psychopaths

psychoWell, it looks like I can’t get enough of psychopaths. Must be psychopath envy. No surprise here. Their career choices — see my previous post —  seem much brighter and more rewarding. In a word, psychos who didn’t turn to murder rule the world.

Now, let’s talk about supplements, namely, Omega-3 fatty acid, particularly DHA, one of the two Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial for just about anyone who frequently gets hit in the head, and not metaphorically either, but for real — intentionally, accidentally or professionally. Those involved in contact sports, military people, victims of domestic violence have to take good care of their fatty acids intake. It may help your brain cope. (To the victims of domestic violence I’d recommend calling police first and then, when filing better, head to the nearest pharmacy).

“…Unless you’re eating a lot of good fatty fish like salmon regularly, you just don’t get DHA in your diet, and that constitutes 97 percent of the brain’s Omega fats. …Our work is showing that …having it beforehand in your system or in your brain or even after, is protective, [and] does help the brain to heal.” (Neurosurgeon Dr. Julian Bailes of the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center.)

All fine and good, but what DHA has to do with psychopaths and their triumphal march to the world dominance? Except, of course, those psychopaths that ended up on the receiving side of head injuries…

Here is  Dr. Adrian Raine. His research on the brains of people who have been scientifically determined to be  psychopaths uncovered a structural impairment to an area called the amygdala, which is involved in the generation of emotion.

Dr. Adrian Raine

Dr. Adrian Raine

Dr. Raine speaks with superb British accent and qualifies  bad, really bad kind of psychopaths as being vulnerable to violence. 

Dr. Raine says there are promising studies where young prisoners were given Omega-3 fatty acids, and they saw a 35 percent reduction in serious offending within the prison.

“We can stop the rot… Eating foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids starting early in life may provide the brain with the foundation for a wholesome future.”

“We already know scientifically now that there are things we can do early on in life to improve the brain, to improve behavior. We know Omega-3s regulates neurotransmitters. It turns genes on and off. And, this could, in the future, be a treatment for violent, psychopathic criminal offenders.”


By no means I  advertise any particular brand of Omega-3 here. Quite to the contrary, I don’t even advise Omega-3 to those fortunate ones who has a god-given gift of psychopathy.

Warning: Sarcasm ahead! If you have any hope of your kid succeeding in life, don’t let him/her anywhere near Omega-3. If it really works the way Dr. Raine says it does, then you might end up with a sissy on your hands who’d grow up a teacher, an environmentalist, green piece activist, social worker or, god forbid, a poet! Is that what you hoped for?



Here is a clear and frightening visuals of how our dystopian future might look like: Underprivileged, deprived and under-loved psychopaths (determination of tendencies made early in kiddiehood) are force-fed mega-quantities of low-grade fish oil, fortified with DHA, thus turning them into a mild-meek-and-pliable low class, workers incapable of standing up for themselves, oblivious of their state.

Naturally, this bright new world would need certain number of under-loved, violent, ruthless, unemotional psychopaths  to fill the ranks of soldiers, guards etc. They will be kept in check by super-psychopaths of the same ilk. There must be a mechanism in place to keep those folks from going completely bonkers.

The psychopathic tendencies of the society’s elites would  be nourished and maintained from babyhood. Children born to good psychopathic parents that didn’t inherit enough psychopathic tendencies to thrive would be treated. What true elite psychopaths would want their own flesh and blood to have such a disadvantage in life!? The remedy, of course, would be aggressive Omega-3 DHA deprivation therapy. And love. See my previous post why love is important. Don’t forget love. Otherwise a kid might end up a Navy Seal or something.

Omega-3 deprived but loved to pieces, the non-violent kid would be cured in no time.  The unfortunate brightness of his/her amygdala would sufficiently dim to turn him/her into a competitive member of the society’s upper echelon — captain of industry, banker, enterpreneur or a researcher in the field of social and bio-medical engineering, working on developing cheap synthetic DHA. (By then, due to heightened demand, there might not be enough fish to maintain the structure of this perfect Utopia.)

Frightening? No? Well, frightening is not the future as we imagine it. Frightening is that we imagine this kind of future


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