Happy New Year! С Новым Годом!

newyearHappy New 2014!

On this classic Russian New Year card Grandfather Frost arrives in his Troika chariot. He looks and acts remarkably like Santa Claus — scales chimneys, brings gifts to good children and deserving adults, except that Grandfather Frost performs all his Santa-Clausy tricks  on  the night of December 31st.


Troika Carrying Grandfather Frost. The banner says S Novym Godom! (Happy New Year)

Grandfather Frost is often accompanied by Snegurochka (Snow Maiden). Laden with various gifts, they are making  appearances  on a children’s parties complete with a decorated Christmasy-looking fir-tree.

Дед Мороз

Snow Maiden has changed her appearance multiple times through the years, most notably from that of little girl to fully grown up little vixen, sexy and glamorous, perhaps to appeal to older kids, particularly of male persuasion.Снегурочка

Ah, never mind. Smile! Health and Happiness!
с новым годом


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