Statesman Or Madman?

Below, there are pairing of statements. In each pair one belongs to a statesman while another — to a patient of a mental institution. Without looking at the answers, try to guess who owns the quote — a politician or a person with diagnosed mental illness.  I was wrong 2 times, not sure 1 time and both wrong and blown away 1 time.

Quotes of politicians are taken from public information sources, quotations of people with mental health problems — from the records of their conversations with attending psychiatrists.

1. “My personal view is that man is given life by the Lord God, if I may say so. By people, too, of course, or, rather, through the people.”Gd

2. “I hear the voice of God — he puts in my head all the structure of the world and the soul.”

If your think that the statement #1 belongs to a mental patient, you are wrong. These words belong to a member of the Council of the Russian Federation. The statement #2 came from the mouth of a 20 year old patient S.N. diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. vignette

1. “I’m spinning like a whirligig, like an arrow. My thoughts are drawn by centrifugal force, they want to break away. They fly back and forth, while I’m trying to hold them together.whirligig

2. “This is my style — my thoughts overwhelm me. They run faster than logic and sequential arrangement of material.”

1 — unknown mental patient, schizophrenia.  2 — V. Zirinovsky, statesman, leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.vignette

1. “I propose to solve а big, big task — creation of a Lunar Base. This will be the base for further leaps and hops.”moon

2. “I want to go to the Moon, check it out, and if there’s nothing there, I will renounce the Moon.”

1 — D. Rogozin, statesman,  Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. 2 — 9 year old mental patient, schizophrenia.vignette

1. “The index finger raised upward… when people need to prove the validity of their point, they make gesture like this.”thumb

2. “Тhumb should become the key finger. Thumb works with all other fingers as a team, not just indicates what to do like the index finger. “

1 — unknown mental patient, schizophrenia;  2 –Herman Gref, President and Chairman of the Board of the Russian Saving Bank.vignette

1. “There are very strange people in the world: talking to no one, singing strange songs, reading strange books. Too proud and independent, they think of themselves very highly, however they are nothing but shit, really.”

2. “Some people are very talented, but many of them are psychological vampires. Nice people, but suck all the juices out of you. They suck all the energy out of me, I’m exhausted, and they leave elated because I promised them something…”

1 — unknown mental patient, female,  schizophrenia;  2 — Alexander Avdeev, statesman, former Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.vignette

1. “Since they have nothing of their own, let them suck out my mind.”

2. “[They] want to use my mind, withhold tax for my intellect, so to say.”

1 — V. Zirinovsky, statesman, leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia;  2 — unknown mental patient, paranoia,  schizophrenia.vignette

1. “Using the power contained in my nose, I can control TV programming and also everything people do or say.”

2. “I’m an absolute and pure democrat, but you know what my problem is — not even a problem but a real tragedy? The fact is that I’m unique, there is simply no other person like me in the world.” 

1 — unknown mental patient, schizophrenia;  2 — Vladimir Putin,  the fourth and current President of Russia.Putin

vignetteI hope you won’t get an impression that this “interchangeability” phenomenon is entirely or predominantly the trait of Russian schizophrenics and politician.

This is Richard Nixon.


And this is the statement and  instructions he requested that Bill Safire prepared for him ahead of time to be used in case Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin fail to return from their Mission to the Moon… days before the mission was commenced. Have you seen it before? I was amused.

Nixon 1 Nixon 2
The top illustrations a the 2 artworks of Ben Heine.


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