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imagesTestosterone makes men more honest

Testosterone is linked to pride and status seeking. Proud people lie less often. At least it’s a reasonable supposition… Does that mean that given extra testosterone men would become more honest?

group of German researchers conducted an experiment to study this aspect of testosterone in more depth.

Testogel was administered to just under 50 male subjects by rubbing the contents of a sachet of gel into the skin of each man, thus supplying each subject of the study with 50 mg of testosterone. (Testogel contains testosterone as an active ingredient, which is the same as the naturally occurring male hormone testosterone.)

A similar-sized control group were given a placebo.

Twenty hours later the subjects were to throw a dice and record their scores. The higher their score, the more money they earned.

The researchers didn’t check whether the men were cheating.

The men in the testosterone group won 3.33 euros per throw, the men in the placebo group won 4.18 euros per throw. The testosterone men said more often that they had won nothing or only a few euros, and less often that they had scored the maximum 5 euros.

Our main finding is a lower incidence of self-serving lies in the testosterone group”, the researchers write. “We observe this result in a setup where subjects cannot be caught lying. To the best of our knowledge this is the first piece of evidence on a causal relationship between testosterone administration and prosocial behavior when actions are not observable to others.”

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