Valentine and Valentina


Happy Valentine Day!

It is also my name-day. And a belated 1 year anniversary of my blog — partial, half-serious, highly imbalanced and whatnot. It was launched on Dec, 28 last year. It’s as good time as any to update About Me page.

The product of my own “creatinity” (creativity + cretinism), it portrayed me as boring, uninspiring and rather dull individual with Russian roots, cosmopolitan trunk, American branches and a few twigs of lesser importance. In my unsupported opinion of myself , I’m none of these things. Except for the roots. And the trunk, the branches and a twig or two.

For those who failed to visit my original About me page — you haven’t missed much. For those who didn’t — I hope first impression won’t be everlasting. If you cannot makeover your past or “upgrade” your personality, you certainly can update your homepage. Someone smart must’ve said something to this effect

See you on About Me In Pictures That Are Neither Mine Nor Of Me.



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