Picture Love Then Draw It

lonely - A couplie

My boyfriend and me 

To cope with loneliness or fight monsters under their beds, kids sometimes conjure up imaginary friends. To them, these friends are very real. They give them names and  draw pictures of them.  Majority of kids who had  imaginary friends remember them forever. Most grow out of it about the time they find friends and scary monsters leave. Those who don’t, perhaps would be better off  taking prescription meds daily.

What made me think about imaginary friends?  An article  I read about a new fad among young Chinese singles. If it isn’t by choice, it is sad to be single — like in no kidding sad, whether or not you are Chinese.

You feel incomplete. You imagine yourself with that special someone to share good times, or a good meal, to talk and to kiss.  You draw your partner in your imagination. Your partner is picture-perfect. You want to share this imaginary picture with your friends… Too bad you cannot take a picture with you imagined romantic sweetheart and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Weixin… with the whole world.

lonely peopleNow you can. And this is contagious. You can draw your perfect partner on real photographs of you in it, and have fun with it.

Dream up an interaction with your imaginary partner to be immortalized.   “Stage” a picture, making sure to leave enough space for him/her to fit in. Say cheese! Although 奶酪 probably wouldn’t make your mouth spread into a smile. Take a picture. Inspect the result.   (Look at the  pictures in this post minus drawings. The compositions are very skillful!)

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Using ViFriends, add your imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend to the picture by simply drawing him/her in. Done! Share it with family, pals, publish it on social networks.

It all started in Fujian province, southeast China. Hsin Hsu and Cai Lu, both singles, imagined their dream romantic partners and the fade started.

It was somehow really comforting to have these images of a strongman by my side and to share some special moments together even if it was only virtually. (–Cai Lu)

Cai shared some of the creations with friends, who got really excited about the whole idea, and they “chat about them for ages and it just kind of took off from there.”

lonely - Cheer up, have a dumpling

Cheer up, have a dumpling!

Kind’a cute, actually. I wish to everyone, who uses ViFriends to draw love, to meet a real, breathing, dumpling-eating, fun-loving romantic partner to look at those “before-I-met-you-I-draw-you” pictures together and smile.


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