How to Rent a Negro

Rent-a-NegroThere was once a website…

“Rent-a-negro is a state-of-the-arts service that allows you the chance to promote your connection with a creative, articulate, friendly, attractive, and pleasing African American person. This service comes without the commitment of learning about racism, challenging your own white privilege, or being labeled “radical.” In fact, rent-a-negro allows you to use your money and status to your advantage! In addition, your dollars go to support the development of African American culture…everyone benefits!

Supporting multiculturalism is an important part of building social clout. These days, it’s on everyone’s agenda. But how to start? Where do you find the people to diversify your life? What if you don’t know any black people? You want to appear up to date, but just don’t have the human resources. One public lunch with rent-a-negro and you’ll be on your way to being seen as the most cutting edge member of your circle.

How do I start?
Simply fill out the Rental Request and start renting today!”

It was created by damali ayo, conceptual artist who prefers not to capitalize her name.wide eyed

From damali ayo’s website

Curiously,  attracted plenty of attention. Many seriously thought it was a legit site, not realizing it was a satirical prank with a purpose.

Complete with professionally sounding sales pitches, a service founder’s tongue-in-cheek bio, comments by satisfied customers, rates, order questionnaire and payment information the site accepted all major credit cards.

There were people who sent e-mails with resumes, seeking employment as “rentals”.


How to Rent a Negro front book cover

From one of the forums about now-defunct website:

Is this a serious website??? I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a joke or not……the prices and fact that some white would actually pay for this is ludicrous but…I don’t know I just saw a white NAACP President on the TV…

I learned of it only recently, long after the site outlived its purpose and damali ayo has shut it down. Based on her experience with the site, damali ayo  had written a book. She had a lot of material to cover.


Her mock site and her life experience served her well. She is generally unhappy about the state of racial diversity and virtual absence of inter-racial dialogue in our US of A.

As I mentioned, I haven’t seen the site when it was functional, and haven’t heard of it until I read an article about it in — what else? — Russian media. Give and take, I’m generally happy about the level of diversity in my life, that’s why.

Touch Her Hair: $25 each time;
Touch Her Skin: $35 each touch. (from the price-list)

Hilarious. No?


But still hilarious.


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