This amazing cosmic visualizations has been released by researchers of Durham University, UK.


Two scientists and a researcher at the Institute for Computational Cosmology, part of the University of Durham’s Physics Department, have generated a 3D animation that allows you to see the universe, as we currently know it.

The fly-through was created by Will Parr, Dr Peder Norberg and Dr Mark Swinbank using catalogues documenting all known galaxies from GAMA (Galaxy and Mass Assembly), and images of the galaxies themselves from SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey). (–The Telegraph, 1:08PM GMT 13 Mar 2014)

Using the data, the three were able to create a virtual representation of the known universe. The fly-through accurately shows the positions of galaxies, to scale, although the galaxy images have been deliberately enlarged to make them more visible.

The galactic visualizations are the part of a new research, showing that galaxies in vast empty regions of the Universe that scientists call voids aren’t just haphazardly thrown together but  ‘aligned into delicate strings’.

These strings of matter are called ‘tendrils‘. They appear linked together in intricate patterns, according to research by the University of Western Australia. (Intricate, delicate —  those words sound poetic rather than belonging to physics and cosmology, don’t they?)

Cosmos1Telescopes used:

  • The Anglo-Australian Telescope;
  • The VLT Survey Telescope;
  • The Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy;
  • The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder;
  • The Herschel Space Observatory;
  • The Galaxy Evolution Explorer.

Video is courtesy of Durham University / ICRAR:


One comment on “Cosmos

  1. The video-clip looks more like “Disney Cosmos”, than anything one’d be able to observe with aided or unaided eye, even moving at many-fold speed of light (suggested by the clip).
    A cosmic web simulation is far more informative and meaningful.

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