Salvador And Alice

Dali with cats. Photographer Philippe Halsman. (No photoshop)

Dali with cats. Photographer Philippe Halsman. (No photoshop)

In 1969,  Book of the Month Club gave its readers a gift of purchasing   Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll illustrated by Salvador Dali. The artist wholeheartedly approved the book and its publication. Have you seen it before? I haven’t.

With the original gouaches published by Maecenas Press-Random House, New York in 1969, the suite now contains 12 heliogravures — one for each chapter of the book — and comes with 1 original signed etching in 4 colors as the frontpiece.

And yes, the Mad Tea Party has melted clock in it.

I love Dali. I admire his talent and a great number of his paintings. I am and forever will be baffled by Alice and her adventures. However, I don’t particularly like the suite of Dali’s illustrations of Alice, and I have a courage to confess it. My suspicion is that these works were rather accidental, done either in jest or in a hurry. Perhaps, even Dali was surprised that these works were taken seriously…

On the other hand, maybe I’m simply incapable of becoming anyone artist’s “devout fan”. Devotion requires unconditional, unrequited, blind adoration. Everything goes: artist’s work, artist’s belongings (underwear is the best, I hear), artist’s “excretions” of any kind — social media is the great depository, too bad Dali didn’t live to experience it.

I‘ll stop blabbering. If you haven’t seen the illustrations, here they are. If you’ve seen them and liked them, then enjoy them again. Or don’t…


Alice’s Evidence

Run around

The Pool of Tears

Tea party

Mad Tea Party. Noticed the “melted clock”?

Advice From a Caterpillar

Advice From a Caterpillar


A Caucus Race and a Long Tale

Down the rabbit hole

Down the Rabbit Hole


The Lobster’s Quadrille

Royal Croquette

The Queen’s Croquet Ground.

Who stole?

Who Stole the Tarts?


Pig and Pepper


The Mock Turtle’s Story


The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

Book Cover

Alice Frontispiece


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