Oh, People!


People… It takes all kind.
16 personality types

Discover Your Personality Type, if you feel like it, and learn — if you haven’t until now — everything there is to know to distinguish personalities of those around you and your own, using the latest test-based categorization. There.

However, any number of people belonging to any of the 16 types may have, can have and, actually, HAVE some traits that others can hardly tolerate and have an overwhelming desire to un-love, un-friend and altogether walk away from.

Some of these types are the following:


They are strange and unattractive people. Where you see cute and quirky, they see strange and unattractive.  Where you see talent and promise, they see incompetence and failure. They always have to argue with someone, believing that their opinion is the only one that has any merit, and those who disagree with them are either ignoramuses or fools.Olga Gromova7
How dangerous are these people?  They are trying to change the whole world according to their own beliefs. They feed on negative emotions and feel a need to constantly get into arguments, thus creating and feeding negativity all around them.  “Critics” refuse to admit that people are different and everyone is equally entitled to his/her own opinion.

Dream Assassins

Every time you come up with any bright idea, these people tell you that either your idea is dumb to start out with, or that the implementation of your idea is all but impossible. When you are trying to achieve something, they drag you down with enviable enthusiasm. Olga Gromova1
When you share your hopes and dreams with them, they’ll steadfastly tell you that your dreams are not feasible.
Olga Gromova2
How dangerous are these people?  They’re fixated on the fact that there is now completely denying that it could be. They can easily destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence. Progress and self-growth is possible only if and when a person is ready for something new. Positive reinforcement can make a great difference, but vice versa can do lots of harm.


These people are filled with insincerity. They laugh politely at your jokes, but their laughter is fake. When you are feeling down, they say you cоuld turn to them for help any time, but as soon as you approach them with even the smallest request, most likely they’d say no.  They proclaim they love you, but behind your back they gossip about you and badmouth you.Olga Gromova3
How dangerous are these people?   Relationships with insincere and superficial people never benefited anyone except insincere and superficial people. When you feel the need for their support, they will not close. Their warmth toward you is self-serving fake — it looks god by appearance only. Think twice whether or not you need it in your life.


These people have an annoying habit of doing everything at the most inopportune moment and thus inappropriately. They are rarely embarrassed but often make other people uncomfortable in their company or being associated with them. Olga Gromova4
How dangerous are those people: These people do not know any frames and borders. They do not respect other people’s feelings and can easily offend you at any moment …


These people either don’t perceive or don’t value anything good and positive that happens in their lives. They expect the worst in everything. Pessimist who is in love and is loved tends to think that there must be something wrong with the person to love them back.Olga Gromova9

How dangerous are these people?    These people not only never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but often don’t let you see it. They color the world grey and want you to share it with them.


These people are experts in — what else? — manipulation. You can associate with them for a long time before you realize that you’ve been used. Manipulators quickly determine your weaknesses and know what string to pull and buttons to push to benefit themselves.personalities

How dangerous are these people?   Communicating with these people negatively affect your belief system and your self-esteem. They are capable of finding ways to persuade you to act in a way that is contrary to your interests, priorities, your values and you morals. Becoming a marionette in the hands of these puppeteers is extremely destructive for your individuality.


These people love themselves above all things and have an overdeveloped sense of self-importance. They are accustomed to thinking that the Universe exists solely for their enjoyment, that the world revolves around them, and the sun rises only to smile at them. They are not as clever manipulators as manipulators, but they also try to make other people admire them and serve their needs.

How dangerous are these people?   They think about themselves and their own interests first and foremost. The focus of their lives is satisfying of their appetite for life’s pleasures always and at all cost. They are indifferent to other people, and merely use them, expecting that others will happily sacrifice their own goals, interests and even lives for them, fully confident this is how the world should operate.

Do not attempt to fix these people. That is, if you aren’t one of them. To change someone’s ways is hard, if altogether impossible task. Recognize them the sooner the better. Stay away form them, unless they are those who gave birth to you, or to whom you gave birth. If you have the opportunity to avoid contact with them, use it. Life is too short to waste your time and energy on them.psychtherapist. Olga Gromova


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