If YOLO, then, WTF, ILY! JK!

Gerhard Glück

Mona Lisa: “STFU, asshloles!”

From ILY (I Love You) to WTF (What the F***), social speak “terminology” spills over from texting and other forms of social media communication into everyday writing and even speaking.

Using social listening tools, WeAreSocial.com.au monitored trending terms used by Australians on Twitter from April 1 to June 30.

LOL, OMG and ILY top the list, with more than 2 million uses by Australians. LOL dominates the ranks,   used a total of 1,242,935 times.

‘We can see a range of clever to practical acronyms as people look for speed and limited thumb work — plus of course it feels good to be in the know, especially on more subversive terms,’ WeAreSocial.com.au managing director Julian Ward said.

The cheat sheet below might be useful for PPL who FOMO on newest terms:

The 60 new abbreviations that are dominating social media speak: 

FYI, I know only the bare basics of this developing language. So, as a practice, I captioned several pictures (including the one above) by Gerhard Glück, a brilliant German caricaturist.  IDC if you like it or not. TTYL!

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