Who Isn’t Leaping…

One ManThe phrase You’re either with us, or against us (or similar variation of it, Who isn’t with us, is against us) is used in many languages. It means pretty much the same in every language and refers to situations where one isn’t marching in step and/or in the same direction as the rest of us, metaphorically speaking.  The implied consequence — if you aren’t joining the team effort then you are an enemy. Neutrality is out of the question. Choose your side and stick to it. Walk with us. Fight alonside. Think as we think. Or else, there shall be consequences. So, you better leap and jump with us. For your own good, you moron.

This leap and jump stance is part of yet another phrase. This one  is meaner, often demeaning and even derogatory. I found it peculiar, bizarre and occasionally funny. I haven’t heard it used quite as often (if at all) in English, however.

Who isn’t leaping (or jumping) he or she is [such-an-such]. pryzhok

The phrase means that leaping or jumping (god knows, perhaps of joy or maybe in unison with the rest of the leaping folks) is to be with us, whereas not leaping/jumping makes a person not only different but belonging to either some despised, highly unsympathetic group of people, or to people of different ethnicity, hated occupation, habit or behavior.

Germans, Dutch and Argentinians, Russians, Greeks, Peruvians, Chileans and French, Mexicans and Spaniards have it in their grab-bags of phrases. With much curiosity I learned that Brazilians think (and say) Who isn’t leaping — is son of a whore from Ecuador (!) and Mexicans are known to call those non-leapers Peruvian faggots (?)

Take a look at the table below. The rightmost column is an expression in the language of the country listed in the middle column, and the leftmost column is the “name-calling” — qualifier for the non-conformist behavior.

Englishman Argentine El que no salta es un inglés
Hates Bosnia Bosnia Ko ne skache, mrzi Bosnu
Son of a whore from Ecuador Brazil Quem não salta é filho da puta do Equador
dumb Hungary Aki nem ugral — fradista
Schwab Germany Wer nicht hüpft der ist ein Schwabe
Jew Holland Wie niet springt is een jood
Ukrainian Greece Οποιος δεν πηδαει ρε Ουκρανοί ειναι
Turkish Greece Οποιος δεν πηδαει τουρκος ειναι ρε
racist Demark Dem der ikke hopper de er racister
stupid Israel שוטר קופץ שלא מי
Italian Spain Italiano el que no bote
French Italy Chi non salta é un francese
Peruvian faggot Mexico El que no salta es un peruano maricón
Chilean faggot Peru El que no salta es un chileno maricón
From police Poland Kto nie skacze, ten z policji
Spanish Portugal Quem não salta é espanhol
With cops Russia Кто не скачет, тот c ментами
Putin Russia Кто не скачет, тот Путин
Cop or dumbass Romania Cine nu sare, ori este gabor, ori e prost de moare
Gypsy Serbia Ko ne skače, taj je cigan
Not French France Qui n’est saute pas n’est pas francais
Not Czech Czech Rep Kdo neskáče není Čech
Pinochet Chile El que no salta es Pinochet
Pokemon Chile El que no salta es pokemon

And here is another Russian for you:

Who isn't leaping -- is dinner.

Who isn’t leaping — is dinner.



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