Don’t walk under a ladder…

Here is a collection of odd, strange, unusual and otherwise curious superstitions and prejudices from around the world for your Saturday amusement.

Carlos Menem

Carlos Menem

Argentinians are trying not to say aloud the name of their former President Carlos Menem. Bad, bad luck.Brazilian superstition

In Brazil, purse fallen or dropped to the floor means loss of money.China4

In China, the number 4 is considered the number of Death, as the words “death” and “four” sound similar.  Thus Chinese are trying to avoid using number 4 at all cost… unless no other number would do.Broken

In Denmark, broken dishes often kept around until  New Year’s Eve. The shards and pieces must be shared with family and friends. It is believed that the more pieces of broken porcelain has been collected, the more successful the coming year will be. Scissors

In Egypt, it is considered a very bad luck to open and close scissors without cutting the object, and far worse than that is to leave the scissors open. At the same time, the Egyptians believe that placing a pair of scissors under the pillow before going to sleep can fend off nightmares.merd

France: Stepping in dog excrement with one’s left foot is for good  luck, with one’s right foot — for bad.

Greek RedWhen two Greeks  say the same words at the same time, they must say in unison “Piase Kokkino” out loud, and together touch something red at the same time, otherwise the quarrel is inevitable.haitians

In Haiti, many superstitions surround mother’s figure in the life of a person. If you walk wearing one shoe, sweep the floor at night, crawl on your knees or eat watermelon tips, the premature death of your mother is your fault.india

In India, a lot of odd superstitions have to do with grooming. For instance, nails are better not be cut at night, as well as on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Washing one’s hair on Thursday and Saturday brings bad luck because sweeping floors at night might lead to a number of small valuables being lost. Historically, Thursday is a day off for hairdressers and barbers, and Saturday is the day of Saturn (planet Shani) that ancient Hindus revered.japan

In Japan, every child knows that you have to hide your belly during a thunderstorm and, even more importantly, before bedtime. It is believed that if you’re not careful, then Raijin (god of thunder) might steal and eat your navel.korea

In South Korea, it is considered that the fan running in a closed room can kill you in your sleep. That is why many fans in South Korea are equipped with a timer to turn them off before they turn into killing machines.lithuania

Lithuanians avoid whistling inside their homes. Everyone knows that whistling can cause invasion of tiny devils determined to harm and terrorize you.малаизия

Sitting on pillows brings extremely bad luck to Malaysians. It is thought to cause itching, blisters and other discomforts affecting their backsides. Perhaps, no Malaysian likes to sleep on a pillow someone was sat on, just like most of people?nigeria

Nigeria:It is believed that if a man is beaten with a broom, he will most definitely become impotent. Moreover, his genitals might fall off.oman

Oman: To “cleanse” your new car, you must turn on Koran  audiobook and play it through your car speakers for 1-2 weeks. This measure is thought to protect the vehicle and its owner from evil eye.demon-horse

A sun-shower  for Philippinos means Tikbalang’s (demon-horse) wedding party.quatar

Qatar: Don’t kill spiders in your living quarters. It is believed that spiders can put out fires in the house.angry-goat-301x350

Rwandan women are forbidden to eat goat meat — it is believed they might grow beards after consuming mutton.sweden

Visiting Sweden, one might notice that sometimes people walking down the street change direction or scratch their backs repeatedly and seemingly for no reason at all.  This is because of manholes. In Sweden manhole covers marked by the letters “K” or “A”. “K” indicates “fresh water” and, coincidentally, “love”, while “A” indicates “sewage” and “unrequited love”. It is believed whichever letter one encounters more, that’s the kind of love one is going to have. However, this “curse” can be removed by stroking one’s back three three times. Works 50% of the time.turkey

In Turkey, it’s considered disgusting and bad omen to chew gum at night. You see, at night gum turns into the flesh of dead people. Banan_04

Vietnamese schoolchildren and students never eat bananas before tests and exams, since bananas are slippery. In Vietnamese, the word “slippery” is consonant with the word “failure”.Йемен

Yemen: A pregnant woman can determine the sex of her unborn child just throwing a snake into the air. If the snake hits the ground horizontally, a girl is on a way, if vertically — expect a boy.zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, the life is largely ruled by black magic, thus every prejudice and superstition is deeply rooted in magic spells and curses. The groom, for instance, may impose a spell of infidelity on his bride. If she cheats on him with another man, the spell will inseparably twine illicit lovers together. This practice is believed to be a serious deterrent against infidelity.Russia

Russians fend off  evil eye using a variety of uncomplicated actions, such as biting one’s tongue, curling one’s finger into a fig (gesture of extreme contempt), spitting over one’s left shoulder three times, knocking on wood three times, wear underwear inside out, wash one’s face in water ‘puified’ by inserting a silver spoon. Works every time!podborka_foto_25_907


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