Best Of Everything

The Year is overThe 2014 year is at its last legs. Two days ago, Contra Spem Spero…Et Rideo blog turned 2 years old. A toddler. Terrible 2s just started gaining tempo. Today, the WordPress, bless its heart, sent some year-end fireworks and a complete yearly report on my year 2014 in blogging.

According to the Wordpress, my most popular posts — and numbers don’t lie — were the ones tagged “morbid” and “death” (multiple deadly accidents on Everest, pictures of dead people, including embalmed Vladimir Lenin in a namesake Mausoleum etc), followed by “sex” and “human sexuality” (depiction of copulation of various insects, mostly) and, regardless of content, everything with pictures of naked bodies — the more and the more life-like — the better, had become a perennial attrction. Which is to say that yesterday’s Spencer Tunick feature with images of mass nudity was a hit — although paintings of old masters in “art” fared well, too.)igroved_labyrinth_08

What can I say? Ask the question Who are you people? Or exclaim delightedly My kind of  people!  Or simply hope against hope that you’ll visit this page next year for a smile and more of the same… and more… “death”, “morbid”, “human sexuality” and other 1095 tagged topics. Cheers!



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