Who Are You, People?


Artwork of Vladimir Kush

Artwork of Vladimir Kush

Here is — just for the kicks — yet another “classification” of personality types. Not quite as scientific as in Oh, People! or humorous like in You Say Tomato, I Say Cucumber, though, but still all the same — searching for the answer to a Life’s most persistent and urgent question  What kind of  SOB am I?

Here we go. Who are you in your heart of hearts? What do you keep inside and hide from everyone?

Artwork of Vladimir Kush

Artwork of Vladimir Kush

Are you one of these personality types listed below or, perhaps, amalgamation of several or, better yet, none of them. If so, what are you?

Open/Open minded


You are the type of person who lets almost anyone into your life and your heart. You believe it’s better to take a risk of getting hurt than you close yourself up and let no one in. You never share your fears and insecurities in order to get help or support of others — you always try to solve your problems on your own often without success. Still, you are there for your family, friends and just about everyone who needs support. You subjugate your needs to the needs of other always. By taking care of others, you heal your own wounds. It helps, particularly the others.


человек.философYou are one of those people who like to think about everything. You tend to search for a deep and hidden meaning of absolutely everything. At times, you are immersed in your thoughts so deeply that it is difficult to come out and face the world. You hate to show how expressly unsure you are about things. Everything, actually. Even when you develop an ultimate understanding of one thing or another, you never certain and forever doubtful of your conclusions. Life, in its many faucets, remains an unsolvable puzzle. You spend your life trying to put all the pieces together, but the game is never over.


человек. сентимент. Владимир КушYou are the type of person who sees everything and forgets nothing. Even the smallest things can make an impression on you — hurt or offend, make you cry or laugh. You are easily brought to tears, whether those are tears of sadness or joy. You try to hide your fragility.  Instead, you show how insightful you can be. Perhaps, you even can foresee the future.


You are the type of person who is always striving to be the best you can be, do the right thing and make good impression. You believe that your actions and good deeds truly make a difference in the lives of others. You do not show people that you are upset, worried, not well or simply pissed off — you are better than that. After all, it is the very least you can do with your time on this planet.

Tortured Soul

человек. таинственныйYou can not help but think that life is sort of cruel cosmic joke. You feel displaced and constantly trying to find your place in this confusing world, often creating the world of your own.  You hide your darkest thoughts. You’ve been through a lot, mastering the art of collecting yourself from broken pieces after every fall, and you succeed time after time.


человек. эксцентрикYou are a person with unusual interests and beliefs. Slightly on a weirdo side, some might say. Not very fond of rules, more often than not, you operate on the principle  “Be it as it may, I’ll do it my way.” You just laugh at those who try to change you. You hate to be considered a part of the “gray masses” of humanity. You stand aside, an odd one, and let people wonder about you all they want.


человек2You are the type of person who is extremely aware of other people and the world around you. You can assess the situation by judging other people’s behavior — facial expressions, tone of voice — and feel the vibes. In fact, you feel lots of things, most importantly — being lied to or manipulated by others. This knowledge serves you well, giving you an upper hand in your life’s travails.  “Seeing” others through feeling, you show the world only what you want the world to see, and nothing  more.  You know how to manage or manipulate those around you, although rarely resort to such unfair tactics.


человек. мучающийсяYou are constantly and diligently examining your own internal thoughts and feelings, searching for a hidden meaning and sources of your emotions, memories, impressions. Often you tend to dig deeper than necessary into the darkness of your soul. Not that the outside world is of no interest to you — it touches you, and the strings of your heart vibrate, sometimes painfully and violently, but in this music hall you are the sole listener.


человек.энигмаYou are often a mystery even to yourself. Speak of other people who find you enigmatic! Good luck to those who try to understand you. A web of contradictions, you change your mood at a whim. Once you find yourself, you immediately “mutate ” only to start your search again. You like to watch people without them notising. You are a person of few words, but when you say something  you really mean it and believe it to be true.


человек.зажигательный1You are bursting with energy and zest for life. You love to be in love, and often you are. You either love or you hate, and you “do” both love and hate passionately. You have a tremendous power of perception and a ton of opinions, acting quickly (and not always rationally) to solve your own problems and those of others. Abundance of energy sometimes makes you anxious. Inclined to histrionics, you constantly create high drama in your head and in your life.

You are nothing like this:


Rather,  you are like this:человек.зажигательный2

Well, I suppose my choice of illustrations for this post immediately identifies me as introspective, philosophically inclined, fiery but sensitive person with the mind open wide, and just a touch of eccentricity. Someone like this, perhaps?



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