English Language Day

englishNearly half of all the days of March are dedicated DAYS, according to different United Nations resolutions. March 20th is an International Day of Happiness, while March 21st is the Day of as many as 5 celebratory designations:UN March

UN Under operates in 6 languages.  2010 initiative of the UN Department of Public Information established language days for each of the Organization’s six official languages — to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity and promote equal use of all six official languages throughout the Organization:

Thus today is the English Language Day. 

Where English comes from

Where English comes from.

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English, naturally, is one of the three official “procedural languages” of the European Union. How proficient in English are people in each European Union country? It varies considerably. The map below shows where people can — and can’t — converse in English.

Which countries in Europe can speak English

Where in Europe people can speak English

And a bunch of other maps and graphs pertaining to English language:

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Well then, say something funny, in English!england


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