Enchanté World of Jean-Baptiste Monge

Jean-Baptiste MongeJean-Baptiste Monge is an author illustrator since 1994 and Concept, character designer and visual Development Artist since 2009.

My favorite subjects are Fantasy and Faery and all that touch the legends, tales and marvelous universes. I work for publishing and the animation industry.(Jean-Batiste Monge.)

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[Jean-Baptiste Monge’s] colour usage is exceptional; just look at that pot in the above image, not to mention the reds in the skin and the electric blue highlighting. You can see the video of how he did that piece over here.
His basic structure is remarkably simple, but so effective. They’re almost cartoon shapes, but he makes them work with his rendering. And he can do the realistic stuff incredibly well. His animals are lifelike and fit with the faeries he draws next to them so seamlessly that even the great Rien Poortvliet would admire how he handles them. (– From the Realms of Faerie blog post by illustrator Jay Penn.)

Read an interview with Monge here.
Jean-Baptiste Monge444And on YouTube:


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