Writing On Your Face

K. Somov. A Kiss. (1908)

K. Somov. A Kiss. (1908)

Beauty marks are moles with a color, shape, and size that is considered attractive. Well, we know what they are whther or not we have them.

At various times, moles were considered either ugly or attractive, desirable one century — intolerable the next.  In the Middle Ages, a mole on the woman’s face could very well be interpreted as a “mark of the devil”,  a woman easily declared a witch and sent to the stake. To this day, there are places on the planet earth where a child may be shunned or killed for a birthmark interpreted as the sign of evil.

At the 18th century French court, luxury, elaborate clothing and erotic games reigned supreme. Beauty marks — mouche, French for fly — became fashionable attribute on both male and female faces. In the absence of real ones, artificial beauty spots were routinely crafted. These small circles cut out of black velvet, taffeta or paper had a tremendous advantage over the real ones — they could be pasted anywhere at any time and for any purpose: on faces, bare chests or shoulders.

галантный век

Strategically positioned in a strictly prescribed manner, they were an absolute must. The “language of the moles” became a code of seduction. The location, size and shape of each beauty mark eloquently communicated if a lady was ready to start a love game. Should the mood of the lady change during the day, or she did not want to mislead the wrong gentleman, it was enough to move or remove a particular beauty mark or add new one.

Not surprising that the ladies of the court carried a bunch of these little black circles with then at any time of the day. Always at hand, they were carefully arranged in a tiny boxes made of ivory, silver, tortoiseshell or even gold.

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According to ancient believes still prevalent here, there and elsewhere, the nature and the character traits might be clearly written on human faces in the “language of moles”, if any beauty marks are present. No artificial ones count — painted, tattooed or pasted.

If several moles form a shape, and this shape is a cross — it’s most unfortunate. Square and stars aren’t any good either. Sorry.  Moles forming a triangle on a person’s face, however, is a sign of good fortune.

So there. And more. Have beauty marks on your face? Read your dial.  And smile.

1. The famous “third eye” — the eye of Shiva. The one who has it is blessed with infinite intuition, bright mind and thirst for knowledge. Also has an inclination to mysticism.
2. Passionate, jealous and easily irritable person — the one with a “short fuse”.
3. Romantic nature, tendency to intellectual pursuits and creativity.
4. This birthmark is an evidence of fidelity, sensuality and generosity.
5. Volatile, temperamental character, tendency for short-lived romances.
6. Imaginative and creative person with passion for adventure, discovery and travel.
7. Jealous, egotistic and and self-centered character.
8. Extremely sensual. Love life is endless experimenting.
9. Tendency to pick fights, quarrelsome character. When in love — displays a tendency to feeling of guilt.
10. Excellent memory, diplomacy, earthiness.
11. Thrives on complications in relationships and everything forbidden.
12. Tangled love relationships, gives it all to passion.
13. Tendency to frequent quarrels and quick reconciliations. Carnal love prevails over platonic.
14. Exalted, poetic nature, mystically inclined with a sense of universal love. Often blessed (or cursed) with quite an extraordinary fate.
15. Independent, free-spirited nature. Loves of life’s pleasures and world travel.
16. Generosity, faithfulness, longing and desire to be a parent. Makes an excellent parent when becomes one.
17.Extraordinary seducer/seductress with propensity to shocking or scandalous behavior. Loves change and variety, however, rarely compromises his/her marriage.
18. Imagination, sensuality and originality are the reigning character traits.
19. Inclination to jealousy, desire to find and hold on to one and only great love.
20. Not an easy person to be around, prone to depression.
21. Love for variety in intellectual and romantic areas. Tangled love affairs and life in general.
22. Heightened eroticism, sexuality and tendency to infidelity.
23. Punctual, precise and orderly mind. The willingness to grow both spirit and wealth.
24. Fragile psyche and health. Worrisome and insecure nature.
25. Sweet, balanced person with a penchant for conservative views and desire to have a quiet life and a strong, traditional “family values.”

Don’t take any of it seriously, particularly if you aren’t blessed with favorable alignment of beauty marks on your face.

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