Gürbüz Doğan EKŞİOĞLU

gurbuz10Gürbüz Doğan EKŞİOĞLU was born in Mesudiye (Ordu) in 1954. He studied Graphics at the State Collage Of Fine Arts. He is presently an assistant professor at the same school, now called The Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.zgde47

Many art critics share the opinion that EKŞİOĞLU’s artworks defy categorization: are these paintings? caricature? graphic design? All of the above? Everyone, however, agrees, that it doesn’t matter, really, which of many styles and art movements his works belong. Just look at some of his works, and you’ll understand why.zgde29The artist’s creative portfolio does not particularly impress by its extraordinary artistic skill or colors. One should take focus away from purely visual effects, and give in to a deep philosophical meaning and subtle humor, laid down in each of the artist’s works.zgde35

One can meditate for hours over each work, trying to figure out what the author wanted to say, while finding more and more meaning and coming to his/her own understanding of the many “stories” found in his paintings.

What the artist meant depicting a couple in love, wrapped in strands of the two balls of yarn? Is it simply about love between a man and a woman?  Is it about our lives being thus intertwined? Or it’s about us, as we seek stronger ties with one another?


And what does the night sky where the stars and the moon swapped? Another attempt to break stereotypes or something else?gurbuz3

Gürbüz Doğan EkşioğluThe idea of this work, obviously, is devotion and self-sacrifice of one for the sake of another: If the dove, sitting on top of the cage, flies away, its caged comrade’would fall into the water and drown.

Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu painting

Some viewers admit that initially they only glanced briefly at the paintings of the artist, not finding anything special in them. And only afterwards came across the work that grabbed their attention. And then another one, and another, and more… So do not rush immediately to conclusion. Take another look, and look closely. If not in this selection, you might find works that’ll impress you on the artist’s site.




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