Their thoughts are awkward, their life is backward…


Strange people filled the whole city,
Their thoughts are awkward, their life is backward…

Sergey Avdeev. The Rain.

Sergey Avdeev. The Rain.

The Russian artist Sergei Adeev is a member of the creative association of artists “Capital” and the Association of Moscow Artists “Faith, Hope.” He works in the naïve genre for nearly two decades.

 Sergey Avdeev. The Swing.

Sergey Avdeev. The Swing.

Naïve art is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique. While many naïve artists appear, from their works, to have little or no formal training in a technique of painting or drawing, this is often not true for many and tenfold so for Sergei Ageev.

Sergey Avdeev. Make a Wish.

Sergey Avdeev. Make a Wish.

To some, Adeev’s painting look not just naïve, but rudimentary — a pathetic nostalgia for a dream that might have never been. Still, in the souls of many people on this side of the canvas, the images of the distant and wonderful childhood are alive and well.

Sergey Avdeev. Make a Wish 2.

Sergey Avdeev. Make a Wish, The Star is Falling.

Sergey Avdeev. Еternity.

Sergey Avdeev. Еternity.

Sergey Avdeev. The Nightly Flight.

Sergey Avdeev. The Nightly Flight.

avdeev Vremena_goda

Sergey Avdeev. Seasons.

A giant pike, a magic mushrooms and bizarre circus, vividly colored vistas evoke associations with fairy tales of childhood, the years long past and sadly nearly forgotten.

Lyrical, colorful paintings of Sergei Avdeev is a world where fairy tale coexists with the reality of his naïve and often comical characters.

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Sergey Avdeev. Oddballs.

Sergey Avdeev. Oddballs.


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