Horoscope: Placebo and Nocebo

The most accurate horoscope for the year of Our Lord 2015 

This horoscope — in Russian, but it should be easy to recognize “international” symbols depicting Zodiac signs — is, indeed, the most accurate prediction for 2015.zodiac

Give me a moment and I’ll translate the description for those unfortunate readers of this important post who does not read Russian. Meanwhile, using a crude “pictorial recognition”, you might have noticed that the captions under each sign is the same.  And the prediction is… drum roll…The position of stars and planets will have no effect whatsoever on your life.

To put it mildly, horoscope predictions are nothing more than BS, profoundly oblique to suit  just about everyone. Most begin with optimistic forecasts: money, health, professional success,  faithful partners.  Astrologists understand that everything cannot be all good for everybody, thus a degree of optimism differs — a couple of signs inevitably get advise to be cautions, alert to scammers, not to wear red and whatnot. Still, in the end, the bravura note returns — people look for a reason to be hopeful: tomorrow is another day and stars might line up just so…

On a subconscious level, even if one does not believe in horoscopes and reads a prediction of trouble, becomes somewhat worried, acquire a grim outlook to life and start watching out for a “falling bricks from the clear skies” or something bad happening to them.

It’s a nocebo at work. 

In medicine, a nocebo (Latin for “I shall harm”) is an inert substance or form of therapy that creates harmful effects in a patient. The nocebo effect is the adverse reaction experienced by a patient who receives such a therapy.

“Astrology, science or quackery? On April 7, 2001, the academic temple of Sorbonne was a home of a true sensation. For the first time in the last 4 centuries, French scientists awarded a scientific degree to a person whose life accomplishments had nothing to do with science. The recipient was the most famous European prophetess and astrologer Elizabeth Tessier.

– What I fight for is reintroducing Astrology at La Sorbonne and from then on in all the universities across the world, since I have discovered what precious and accurate answers Astrology can offer to the modern society, and also how opportunistic charlatans can be prejudicial to genuine Astrology. Only the return of official teaching will prevent such harmful confusion.
– Astrology, as a system composed of various disciplines and thoughts, should have its rightful place on television. And not only as entertaining horoscopes.
– An example to follow: The KEPLER COLLEGE – Seattle (USA): since August 2000, this university offers a BA and a MA in Astrology after a 4-year course. (from the site of Elizabeth Tessier.)

A group of respected scientists, among them several famous astrophysicists, invited to the proceeding, left the hall in protest. It does not convince the committee, however.

Ukraine made a sensational move in regard to astrology as well.  It was reported that Ukrainian Ministry of Education approved creation of a vocational school for young astrologers. Thus, Ukraine became the first and only country in Europe to include astrology in the ranks of science.


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