British photographer Mandy Barker, mightyly worried about an abundance of garbage dumped in the oceans by humans, took 769 pictures of soccer balls, fished out of the water in different countries.


#666 Australia, #753 Brazil, #724 USA, #817 Japan, #974 Africa, #734 Germany


#693 Italy, #755 Spain, #92 Great Britain

Barker’s project Penalty lasted 4 months. The first 228 balls Mandy Barker has found herself, and then she employed the help of 89 volunteers from around the world who responded to her appeal for help through the social networks.

According to the study published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, by the end of 2014, the number of plastic objects, polluting the world’s oceans, has exceeded 5.25 trillion. Total weight of waste dumped into the oceans exceeds a whopping 268,940 tons.

The source of this post is an article in Russian Esquire.


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