Amur And Timur


In the safari park of Primorye, Russia, living conditions of animals are close to natural wild ones. It’s the place where representatives of many wild species live.

The park has a program for breeding  rare Siberian tigers  in captivity.

The Siberian tiger (panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Amur tiger, is a tiger subspecies inhabiting mainly the Sikhote Alin mountain region with a small population in southwest Primorye Province in the Russian Far East.

The tiger named Amur is one of these animals. In April,  Amur turned four, and about a month ago, arrived his bride — the young Siberian tigress  Ussuri, from the Moscow nursery. She has not yet reached maturity and lives in a separate enclosure. In a year or so the two will be “betrothed.”

Amur enjoys a fine diet, including live rabbits and goats twice weekly. During his three years in the park  Amur devoured a lot of rabbits, goats and hunted boars.

About a week to the day, Amur received his bi-weekly live treat — a fine looking and very appetizing goat.


The goat, however, happened to be a fearless fellow. He pranced around the tiger and behaved like no goat Amur had ever seen or eaten. “Nobody taught this goat to be afraid of the tiger. And Amur has decided not to mess with so bold a goat — he didn’t touch him,” the park’s employee explained. “Moreover, the goat not only survived in the Amur’s enclosure, but managed to occupy the tiger’s “bedroom” and sleeps there for the fourth night already.” Amur is relinquished to the roof where he sleeps, not to disturb his obstreperous “dinner” that somehow escaped his fate and become a roommate instead of a prey.

For his courage, the goat is named Timur, like a great conqueror Tamerlane. Amur is still getting his live diet, but doesn’t consider Timur to be a food and at a mealtime ignores him entirely.

Amur and Timur are often seen walking together in a file. The goat  is following the tiger, perhaps thinking that Amur is a heard leader. “Timur’s fearlessness and Amur’s caution led to such a paradoxical result,” said the employees of the park.

The first caption on the video says, roughly: “The fifth day of friendship.” The second: “At the daytime, Amur and Timur come out into the large aviary and walk together. Timur follows Amur everywhere thinking he is a bellwether.”



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