Macro Photography Of Linden Gledhill


Psychedelic Evolution of the Oil Film

Linden Gledhill is an artist who explores the physical world at different image scales and fragments of time.  His education in science has led to the use of advanced microscopy and high speed equipment to create unexpected imagery revealing the physical beauty which surrounds us.


Ferrofluid Nebula

His work can be found in a wide range of products including books, snow boards, record sleeves, promotional video and apparel.

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He has access to a wide range of equipment including microscopes, focus stacking rails and high speed trigger systems.  A robot microscope stage with automated focus stacking allows capture of gigapixel images which can be printed to any size and still retain resolution.


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Salicylic Acid


Crystals of Food Color


Moon in the Sky of an Alien Planet (centroheliozoa)

Centroheliozoa is unicellular and spherical, usually around 30–80 μm in diameter, and covered with long radial axopods, narrow cellular projections that capture food and allow mobile forms to move about. Note the scale on the bottom of the image.

There is an extensive selection of Gledhill’s archive images on Fascinating, don’t you think?



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