Librería El Ateneo

Libreria El AteneoLibrería El Ateneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is by far the most beautiful and unusual bookstore there is. It is a truly splendorous place.Librería El Ateneo8From 1919 until 2000 the building was occupied by the repertoire theater Grand Splendid Theater, and then the movie theater. Librería El Ateneo9Indeed, the interior has not changed after the transformation of the theater into a bookstore. The walls are still covered with velvet, a vaulted ceiling covered by frescoes, the hallways lined with marble sculptures, and bookshelves are located everywhere — in the orchestra, on the balconies and in the boxes.Librería El Ateneo98The stage of the former theater is turned into a cafe where shoppers can enjoy a cup of excellent coffee while leafing through the book taken from the shelves. Tables and chairs scattered in many other parts of the Libreria El Ateneo.Librería El Ateneo6An amazing atmosphere of Libreria El Ateneo is conducive of inspiration and creativity. There is live music in the afternoons and various dance and musical events are frequent and enthusiastically attended.
Librería El Ateneo4Not surprisingly, Libreria El Ateneo is one of the most popular places in Buenos Aires. More than a million people visit and shop here every year.Librería El Ateneo People thoroughly enjoy bohemian atmosphere of the place.

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Well, next time, when in Buenos Aires…



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