The Morning After

ошеломитThe morning after I published my second post about Amur and Timur, I read the post of one of my favorite Russian bloggers. Here is an excerpt in loose translation from Russian:

The country came to a standstill in anticipation. Every morning, millions begin feverishly browse the news:  what’s new? anything tragic happened?   Journalists share the latest bits of info, sharing catastrophic predictions. Experts are interviewed, spreading their authoritative opinion. What about? The inevitable financial crisis, perhaps? The future of relationship between Turkey and Russia? Europe and Russia? USA and Russia? Or, maybe, there is a mission to Mars, and the story keeps them on the edge of their chairs?

[…] Nope. These days our compatriots are hooked on something else entirely — a complicated relationship of a certain Siberian tiger with his dinner, an insolent goat. The country approves an unprecedented behavior of a courageous goat, who banished the tiger from his shelter when it began to snow and took his place. From that we conclude that our people identify themselves not with a tiger but with a goat.[…]

Indeed, there is a lot to  worry about:   Over every imaginable source of mass information, the park management expressed fear for the fate of Timur, the goat. You see, Amur, the tiger, should soon marry his bride, tigresses Ussuri. Zoologists maintain that vile female might persuade amorous Amur to devour Timur for their wedding meal.

Thus people are seriously worried. Polls are conducted. Bets are placed. How the relationships between Amur and Timur would develop?
25.5% of those polled predict that  Timur will live to see the New Year
3.9% are convinced  that Amur will eat Timur before the year end.
And 70.6% (oh, cynical Russians!) are suspecting that the keepers of the park have limitless supply of “Timurs” that Amur regularly eats for dinner, while blackmailing the administration — “Gimme more or I’ll swallow Timur whole.”

All right. No more about Amur and Timur. There is so much to think and write about. For instance: Elon Musk makes space travel history: Billionaire’s SpaceX rocket blasts into orbit, launches 11 satellites then makes an amazing landing back on Earth.spaceX



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