Body Beautiful

Dominika-Cuda-05Polish athletes Marta Witecka and Juri Kussmaul demonstrate acroyoga  poses — combination of acrobatics and yoga — in the photoshoot for  the  Project One Year Fund.

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After hours, days, months and years of intense training, how can we  blame these people that even being completely naked look so stunning that their pictures are worthy of being made into wall calendar.


Gosia Prochownik

These people are the best and most accomplished Polish athletes starring in a candid photoshoot for no other reason but to make money… and spend it to benefit young Polish athletes  younger  than 18 years old.


Sprinter Edyta Litwiniuk

Photographer Dominika Cuda initiated  the Project One Year Fund to give young athletes of Poland the opportunity to make their first steps towards success.

“Sport and sportsmanship sculpt our bodies. The way we look, the condition of our bodies says more about us than we might imagine. Our body is a map of our experiences. It describes our lives , our passions, where we go and what we want to achieve,” says Dominika.


Marek Gunia


Very commendable undertaking, undoubtedly so. Sport is very costly these days — equipment, training, sporting venues, competitions — not everyone who wants to participate can do it, regardless of abilities, for such mundane reasons as lack of money. It affects young people especially, and in sports one has to start young to achieve success.


Olga Chmielewska

Dominika Cuda’s photographs are stunning. The bodies are beautiful.  Why the  athletes pose naked, for no sport requires absence of closing?  To entice people to buy the calendar, of course. Such are the times. Nudity sells. Was it ever different?

Happy New Year!


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