Isis Beamer

mystery object

Seven month ago, a maintenance worker found this 19-pound shiny object in a building of an unidentified Jerusalem cemetery that serves as an important archaeological site. Previously, the site has turned up remains from Roman, Byzantine and Crusader periods. The mysterious object was promptly turned to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

“To tell you the truth I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Amir Ganor, head the authority’s robbery prevention unit, told NBC News.

After seven months of trying -– and failing –- to determine the identity of an object that resembles a gilded rolling pin, experts at the Israel Antiquities Authority decided  to hand the task over to “the wisdom of the masses” on Facebook.

Within hours and after hundreds of contributions, “the intelligence of the masses has done its work,” the authority reported on Facebook. “It has solved the puzzle of the gold-covered object.”

And no, it isn’t a foot massager, a currency maker, a huge honey dipper, or a meat tenderizer, as some Facebook users have guessed.

mystery object

The object, identified by an Italian man named Micah Barak, is an energy equalizer meant to be used by naturopaths and healers. It’s called an “Isis Beamer,” according to a German company that sells it, named after the Egyptian goddess of medicine, magic and nature, and it “can create a protective field of the type generated by spirit energies or meditation.”



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