Wiki Is 15

llustration by Mun May Tee, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

llustration by Mun May Tee, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

On January 15 of this year Wikipedia turned 15. A virtual teenager. Wikipedia was born in 2001. Its major appeal lies in the fact that anyone who accepts Wikipedia  Foundation Terms of Use  can create and edit articles.  By adding the information from competent and reliable sources, the editor gradually forms its reputation. Currently Wiki is available in 276 languages.

Unscrupulous editors happen anywhere, in any publication, and Wiki, for obvious reasons, is wide open for such transgressions. In September of last year, for example, hundreds of “black hat” English Wikipedia accounts were blocked following investigation, according to WIKIMEDIA blog.

After weeks of investigation, volunteer editors on the English Wikipedia announced today that they blocked 381 user accounts for “black hat” editing.  The accounts were engaged in undisclosed paid advocacy—the practice of accepting or charging money to promote external interests on Wikipedia without revealing their affiliation, in violation of Wikimedia’s Terms of Use. The editors issued these blocks as part of their commitment to ensuring Wikipedia is an accurate, reliable, and neutral knowledge resource for everyone.

Wikipedia is now equipped with tools to parse its articles for bad edits. See Artificial intelligence service gives Wikipedians ‘X-ray specs’ to see through bad edits.


If you don’t know yet but curious enough to know what are the most edited Wikipedia articles throughout its 15 year history, click on either one of the two links below.

What are the most-edited articles through Wikipedia’s history?

The Most-Edited Wikipedia Pages Over The Last 15 Years



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