From Hell To The Podium

модаThis is man’s attire from the  winter collection of a fashion designer Phillipp Plein. Tattoos are  optional, I think.

Fashion is the venue I’m the least familiar with, and, generally, have very little interest in high couture, fashion designers, trends, fashion shows and such. However, I found the blog post of a Russian movie costume designer about the latest trends in men’s fashion and a accompanying pictures most entertaining.




Here’s what vita-colorata has to say in her overview of this year man fashion winter designs:

[…] It  is difficult to explain the desire of many designers to shock the audience at the podiums of men’s fashion shows this year.  Some stitch shockingly extravagant clothes, others concoct creepy makeup and disheveled hairstyles. The choice of models is also clearly made with a preference of faces hardly to be considered handsome or cute. Plenty of gruesome realistic looking wounds and proliferation of tattoos on limbs and torso complete the picture.


Ami&Samмода9Yohji Yamamoto

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Thom Browne

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Vivienne Westwoodмода82


Ghosts inhabited the podium, vampires and otherworldly entities, men, even if attractive, displaying the signs of decay.


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Are those affects the war, constantly running in the world? Is that the reason why there are so many army clothes, khaki and security patches in the collections? 
Perhaps, the fear in society is reflected is these designs. Such are not designers — such is life. 

Rick Owens

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Katie Eary

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Junia Watanabeмода91


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