Dance, robots, dance!

To kick off the year of the monkey, China Central Television Station’s Spring Festival special included 540 dancing robots, with a fleet of drones to top it all off with a layer of glitter. The robots thrust, do handstands, and dance in that ever-so-robotic unison.

It should be noted that every one of 540 motion robots carried out the task perfectly. Every movement of each robot, whose height is 42 cm (a bit over 16.5 inches), and weight – 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pound), was carried out splendidly.

It’s the sheer scale that makes it a definite must-see. The original robot performance program was designed for 240 robots. However, to increase the awe factor of the spectacle, the number of performing robots was nearly doubled and a few drones have been added.


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