Meet The Artist: Aimo Katajainen

aimo Katajainen.jpgAimo Katajainen is a self-taught Finnish artist. He was born in 1948 in Valkeala, Finland. In 1964 he moved to Kouvala, Finland. He studied Economics and worked as a professional social worker at clinic for treating alcoholic dependency. He began his artistic career in 1965. Aimo Katayaynen participates in many exhibitions around the world.

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Aimo Katajainen18Here is what he says about his work:
I grew up in the countryside – on a farm near the river. In this area, everyone from the very young age is involved in agricultural work.
I remember participating in the feeding of animals, plowing and  working as a hired laborer.Aimo Katajainen26
Snowy winters and rural landscape can be seen in the recurring themes of my paintings.
As a teenager, I worked mainly with oil paints in the style of surrealism, but this fascination  passed with time. I developed interest in the naïve genre and found myself in this genre Since then my art became enjoys high demand.

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