A Ride

A young man is driving a car on a dark and stormy night. Like in this picture. We”ll leave a stormy night to our imagination.

We''ll leave a stormy night to our imagination

Suddenly, he sees three people desperately trying to catch a ride. Again, keep in mind, it is a dark and stormy night. These are the following three people:kogo podvesti

  1. A sick old woman looking as though she is about to pass out;
  2. A longtime friend, a super-nice guy who once saved this young man’s life;
  3. An exceptionally attractive young woman (she must be glowing in the dark, for as we all remember, it is a dark and stormy night.) The young woman truly looks like a girl of his dreams.

Well, then, this is a dilemma: To whom of the three the young man should offer a ride? Say, his car is a two-seater, thus only one passenger can get an offer of a ride.a young man1What is your choice?

Should the young man choose an old lady? To deny a sick old woman a ride is cruel:  the woman is so frail, she might die without immediate medical attention.

It would feel really great to offer a ride to an old friend who once saved the young man’s life — an excellent chance of a small payback. On the other hand, what a pity it would be to loose his one in a lifetime chance to meet a soulmate…

This moral and ethical dilemma has been actually proposed during a job interview at one respectable international company.

Of the 200 applicants, only one candidate had no problem with the answer, and he was eventually hired. His solution was as follows: a young man

 “I would give the car keys to my friend and asked him to take the old woman to the hospital. And then see what a dark and stormy night has in stock for me and a girl of my dreams.”

Moral: Sometimes a non-standard thinking and creative approach us the key to a solution.




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