Murderous Rabbit


Rarely if ever an article in a scientific publication carries no discernible scientific value, either theoretical or practical. However, in a recent issue of the scientific journal World Neurosurgery, two surgeons,  Tarik F. Massoud, MD, PhD, and Aleksandrs Kalnins, MD, MBA, from Stanford University published a study of a clinical case of an “ordinary” glioblastoma Glioblastoma invoking ‘killer’ rabbits of the Middle Ages. There is nothing new or groundbreaking in this article, authors admit, except for the curious MRI image.glioblastoma.jpg

The shape of the tumor in the MRI image looks remarkably similar to the shape of a bunny. Moreover, it is similar to the rabbit as portrayed in medieval miniatures, where the pesky lagomorph often depicted as a knight killer (remember the Monty Python’s Rabbit of Caerbannog?)

Abstract: We present the unusual brain MRI appearance of a glioblastoma with an uncanny shape of a rabbit. By invoking fearsome ‘killer’ rabbits depicted in Middle Ages art and literature, this image is an eerie reminder of the current lethality of this disease. There is a pressing need for more effective treatments for glioblastoma.

The very short article states that deadly glioblastoma killed a 46-year-old patient after three and a half years since initial diagnosis. Alas, this tumor is almost always fatal.glioblastoma1 The publication is intended to emphasize the deadly disease and to draw attention to the development of new treatments.



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