Spam. 1864

dentist.PNGPresumably, the first spam message by telegraph was recorded in 1864.



 On my arrival home late yesterday evening a “telegram,”
by “London District Telegraph,” addressed in full to me, was
put in my hands. It was as follows: —

“Messrs. Gabriel, dentists, 27, Harley-street, Cavendish-square.
Until October Messrs. Gabriel’s professional attendance at 27,
Harley-street, will be 10 till 5.”

I have never had any dealings with Messrs. Gabriel, and beg to
ask by what right do they disturb me by a telegram which is
evidently simply the medium of advertisement? A word from you
would, I feel sure, put a stop to this intolerable nuisance. I
enclose the telegram, and am,

Your faithful servant,

Upper Grosvenor-street, May 30. M. P.

Yes, it has been dentist’s advertising services.


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